Yeti Yoga

Featuring a yeti from Disney's "Expedition Everest" ride

I made an unexpected trip to Walt Disney World in April, 2006, just a few weeks after the official opening of the Expedition Everest ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Although I'm pretty much a coaster fraidy cat, this one looked not much worse than Big Tunder Mountain Railroad, so I decided to give it a try. It is indeed a very fun ride.

Following my first ride, I bought myself a souvenir pin, t-shirt, and yeti. The yeti toys are strange because they're white, like the abominable snowman on the Matthorn Bobsleds at Disneyland rather than the brown yeti on Expedition Everest. Still, they're cute. :-)

I named my yeti Grogs Chen Po Skra Can--which, if my online research into the Tibetan language is correct, means "large hairy friend." (If not, I've probably just said, "Your sister looks like an obese yak.") I brought Groggy back to California, and I guess the new age atmosphere out here had an effect on him, because one day I caught him practicing yoga moves.

(Click on any image to see a larger version of the photo.)

Groggy's first pose was the very popular Downward-Facing
Yeti (Adho Mukha Yetiasana).

He then went into a Cobra pose (Bhujangasana).

Before switching to standing poses, Groggy executed a beautifully
done Bow pose (Dhanurasana). By this time, my cat, Portia, had
noticed the activity and decided to join in with her own rendition of
Folded Front Paws pose (Kontentedkatasana).

Groggy then leapt to his feet (in a graceful yoga-like way)
and went into Triangle pose (Trikonasana).

I like the warrior poses, and evidently, so does Groggy.
Here he is doing Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II).

As is common, he followed that with
Warrior I pose (Virabhadrasana I).

Groggy's final active pose was one of his own invention,
Fearsome Yeti (Skariyetiasana). Pretty impressive, eh?

Of course, his final pose was Corpse (Shivasana). I know he
doesn't look very relaxed, but yetis aren't known for their calm
demeanors, so by yeti standards, he was nearly in a zen-like state.

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