Animal Kingdom Lodge Theming

Here are some photos of Animal Kingdom Lodge that I didn't have room for in my
Walt Disney World trip reports. They demonstrate not only the beautiful architecture
of the building, but also the outstanding ways in which Disney's designers have
themed every aspect of the hotel--right down to the fire extinguisher cabinets!

Update 2/07 - I have updated this page with a few more photos from my January,
2007 stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

(Click on any photo to see a larger version.)

Building and Lobby

Hotel entrance

Entrance closeup

Entrance detail

The lobby, looking
toward the entrance

An upper-floor balcony
near Arusha Rock

Turtle painting on
an observation balcony


Door shield

Another door shield

Different door shield

Hallway light

TV cabinet

Chair on balcony


Mirror and floor lamp

Wall lamp


Another painting


Wallpaper in bathroom

Detail of wallpaper

Hallway carpeting


A Kirdi cache-sexe skirt from Cameroon

Another Kirdi cache-sexe skirt from Cameroon

Yaka initiation mask from the Congo

Bamana antelope carving from Mali


Giraffe-pattern pavement
at hotel entrance

Painting of a campfire
in the fire lane

Artwork on fire
extinguisher case

Information about animal-
plant interaction

A creation tale
about plants

Fire-shaped light on
the entrance road

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