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Geocaching and Benchmark Hunting

GPS receivers are great for fun as well as for work and travel. See my page about GPS-based hobbies.

"North of 60"

If you're a fan of this superb Canadian show, check out my episode guides, cast news and interviews, and set photos (including some high-resolution ones you can use as desktop backgrounds). I also have a separate page about Canadian TV dramas in general.

Disney Theme Parks

Disneyland! Walt Disney World! See reports and photos from my trips to these vacation meccas.


Links to my pet places to see plays by the Bard.

Space & Astronomy

My space shuttle and solar eclipse photos, plus handy links.

Amateur Radio

An article about my awning antenna, audio files of my contacts with hams on the space shuttle, helpful links, and more.

Nonprofit Groups

Information about and links to the websites of my favorite charitable organizations.

Professional Work | Off Hours

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