There's probably nothing I can say here
in a few words that others haven't said
better over the past 400 years. I just
encourage any of you who had a bad
introduction to Shakespeare in high
school to give him another chance!

I don't pretend to be a Shakespeare scholar; I'm strictly a fan. I enjoy participating in the monthly reading of a Shakespeare play at the Sunnyvale library, catch most of the Shakespeare movies that come out, and occasionally attend live performances.

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival
I'm fortunate to live within a day's drive of the superb Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There's nothing like watching a performance as stars shine over the open-air Elizabethan Stage on a lovely Ashland summer evening. The festival also has two indoor theaters, so it's able to put on a lengthy (February to November) season. Ashland itself is also a worthy attraction, with its beautiful Lithia Park (landscaped by Golden Gate Park designer John McLaren) and cornucopia of excellent restaurants. And it's an easy drive from southern Oregon's deep-blue jewel, Crater Lake.

Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Every so often, I travel to Ontario to visit the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. (The photo on this page was taken during the opening night of "King Lear" in 2002.) In fact, as I write this, I'm preparing to attend the 2008 season to see plays with Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy. If you're in North America and you're a Shakespeare fan, you must go to Stratford at least once!

Shakespeare's Globe
Nearly 400 years after the original Globe Theatre burned down, a re-creation was built on the banks of the Thames, very near the previous location. I was lucky enough to visit London just a year after the theater opened, and enjoyed a wonderful evening watching "The Merchant of Venice" in this beautiful wood-and-whitewash building. (Yes, they made a few concessions to modernity, such as installing electric lights in the theater and sprinklers on the thatched roof.)

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