"North of 60"

Here's information about the "North of 60" TV movies that
have aired so far, listed from most recent to earliest.

Distant Drumming

"Distant Drumming" brings new tensions to Lynx River as Chief Teevee Tenia suggests that the community replace its RCMP detachment with an all-Native police force. It premiered on January 30, 2005.

  • The Nof60 page on CBC's web site, which focuses on Distant Drumming.

  • Another Country

    Teevee Tenia unjustly becomes entangled in the criminal justice system in Alberta. When he escapes from jail, Michelle must find the real killer before he's recaptured and imprisoned for life--or worse.

  • An article about the movie on JAM's Nof60 archive.
  • The official press release from Alberta Filmworks.

  • Dream Storm

    "Dream Storm" combines mystery and spirituality as the townspeople struggle to understand a mysterious death, an unknown illness among their children, and their own strange dreams. It first aired on CBC on October 1, 2001.

  • The original Dream Storm press release from Alberta Filmworks.
  • A page of Dream Storm comments gathered from my interviews with various cast and crew members.
  • A story in JAM's Nof60 archive. (Don't worry--you haven't missed a movie. The references to Dream Storm being the fourth Nof60 movie are incorrect.)

  • Trial by Fire

    January, 2000 brought fans the second "North of 60" TV movie. In "Trial by Fire," Michelle Kenidi and James Harper travel from Lynx River to Yellowknife to try to solve the death of an outsider.

  • Three articles in the JAM TV Nof60 archive.
    - A general story about the movie.
    - Comments from Tom Jackson and Graham Greene.
    - An interview with director Francis Damberger.

  • In the Blue Ground

    "In the Blue Ground" was the first TV movie created after "North of 60" ended. It featured the return of a presumed-dead character from the series. According to Nielsen Media Research, it was the #10 most-watched TV show across Canada for the week of March 22-28, 1999.

  • A couple of articles in the JAM TV Nof60 archive.
    - An overview of the movie.
    - A preview while the movie was shooting.

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