"North of 60"
Cast & Characters

Here's a rundown of the main, regular, recurring,
and guest characters of "North of 60."

North of 60 is definitely an ensemble show. In fact, the ensemble was so
strong that major characters would sometimes be gone for weeks at a time
without any deleterious effect on the show's quality. See my complete cast list
if you want information on any other characters who ever appeared in the series.

Main characters

The main characters throughout all six seasons of North of 60 were:
  • Constable Michelle Kenidi of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who grew up in Lynx River. Michelle is played by Tina Keeper.
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  • Peter Kenidi, Michelle's brother and sometimes the chief of the Lynx River band. Peter is played by Tom Jackson.
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  • Sarah Birkett, a nurse from Ontario who during much of the show works at the Lynx River Health Centre. Sarah is played by Tracey Cook.
    - My interview with Tracey
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  • Albert Golo, Peter's nemesis and sometimes the band chief. Albert is played by Gordon Tootoosis.
    - IMDb listing
  • The other major character at any given point in the show was Michelle's partner at the Lynx River RCMP detachment. This person was usually a white man from southern Canada who was trying to adjust to northern life. The three partners that Michelle had during the course of the show were:
  • Corporal Eric Olssen, played by John Oliver.
    - Hélèna Katz's interview with John Bean (formerly known as John Oliver)
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    - IMDb listing as Gerry Bean
  • Corporal Brian Fletcher, played by Robert Bockstael.
    - IMDB listing
  • Constable James Harper, played by Peter Kelly Gaudreault.
    - My interview with Peter
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  • Regular and Recurring Characters

    Other characters seen in many episodes were:
  • Teevee (Trevor Victor) Tenia. When we first meet Teevee, he's a teenager with a bad attitude toward nearly everyone and everything around him. His growth over the next six seasons is one of the best things about this show. Teevee is played by Dakota House.
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  • Gerry Kisilenko, a Ukrainian immigrant who runs the cafe, general store, and motel in Lynx River; played by Lubomir Mykytiuk.
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  • Harris Miller, the non-native band manager, played by Timothy Webber.
    - My first interview with Timothy
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    - IMDb listing
    - Photo of Buffalo Child and Timothy Webber. (Photo courtesy Buffalo Child, who played Andre LeBret in the episodes "The Act of Hares" and "Hostage.")
  • Ellen Kenidi, Peter's wife and a social worker, played by Renae Morriseau.
  • Hannah Kenidi, Michelle's daughter, played by Selina Hanuse.
  • Rosie Deela, who works at Gerry's cafe, played by Tina Louise Bomberry.
    - My interview with Tina Louise
  • Leon Deela, Rosie's husband and an expert construction worker, played by Erroll Kinistino.
  • Lois Tenia, Teevee's mother, played by Willene Tootoosis.
  • Elsie Tsa Che, Lois' mother and the only person that Teevee respects, played by Wilma Pelly.
    - My first interview with Wilma
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  • Joe Gomba, a local trapper whom many other Lynx River residents seek out for his wisdom, played by Jimmy Herman.
    - My interview with Jimmy
    - IMDb listing
  • Andrew One Sky, a psychologist who befriends Michelle after a tragic incident. Andrew is played by Michael Horse.
    - My interview with Michael
    - IMDb listing
  • Nathan Golo, Albert's smartest son, played by Michael P. Obey.
  • Rosemary Fletcher, Cpl. Brian Fletcher's wife, played by Julie Stewart.
    - IMDb listing
  • Sylvie LeBret, Peter's love interest in later seasons, played by Michelle Thrush.
    - My interview with Michelle
    - IMDb listing
  • Joey Small Boat, a Lynx River teenager, played by Mervin Good Eagle.
  • William MacNeil, a young man from outside of Lynx River who's usually looking for trouble, played by Nathaniel Arcand.
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  • Charlie Muskrat, a young boy whom Michelle Kenidi takes into her home when his mother is unable to properly care for him, played by Simon Baker.
    - My interview with Simon
    - IMDb listing
  • Bertha Kizha, Teevee's girlfriend, played by Lori Lea Okemow (spelled as "Okemaw" in the closing credits of some episodes).
  • Inspector Andre Cormier, Michelle's mentor in the RCMP, played originally by Donald Pilon but mostly by Yvan Ponton.
  • Daniel Deela, Leon's cousin, played by Lorne Cardinal.
    - My interview with Lorne
    - IMDb listing

  • Guest stars

    If you follow Canadian television or film at all (including shows such as "The X Files," "Due South," and "The Outer Limits"), you're bound to recognize some of these actors and actresses.
  • Graham Greene plays crafts dealer Rico Nez in "The Art of the Deal," and political operative Walter Pearce in "Trial by Fire."
    - IMDb listing
    - National Aboriginal Achievement Awards listing
  • Tantoo Cardinal is seen as regional treatment center supervisor Betty Moses in multiple episodes of the third, fourth, and fifth seasons.
    - IMDb listing
    - National Aboriginal Achievement Awards listing
    - NativeCelebs profile
  • August Schellenberg plays sculptor and artist Ben Montour in several consecutive episodes beginning with "The Ties That Bind."
    - IMDb listing
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  • Adam Beach is seen as street hustler Nevada in the episodes "Southern Comfort," "Shelter," "The Hunt," and "Life is a Memory."
    - IMDb listing
    - Interview on HBO site
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    - Caroline's fan page
  • Art Hindle appears as Harry Dobbs in the episodes "Suspicious Minds," "Ghosts," "Oil & Water," and "Heroes."
  • Byron Chief Moon is Hannah's father Louis Claybank. He appears in the first season in "Letting Go," then returns in "The Visit" and "Take Me Home" during the fourth season.
  • Garwin Sanford is archaeologist David Shore in a few episodes of the second season.
  • Diana Leblanc plays a nun who was one of Michelle's teachers at residential school in the episode "Sisters of Mercy."
  • Len Cariou portrays Sarah's father Mike Birkett in "Bless This House."
  • Stephen Shellen portrays Sarah's ex-boyfriend Al Bishop in the first three episodes, with a major role in "The Road Not Taken."
  • Apesanahkwat plays Constable Harper's father in "Love Hurts."

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