North of 60 Interview: Wilma Pelly

During the filming of "Another Country" in April, 2002, I was able
to talk with Wilma Pelly for just a few minutes between takes of
a scene. Here's a transcript of our discussion.

(This interview contains minor spoilers for "Another Country.")

PW: I know it's a fine line not to give away too much about the plot, but maybe you could say a little bit about what Elsie is up to in "Another Country." Teevee is in trouble again, and whenever that happens, Elsie is usually there trying to help. Is there one particular scene that stands out for you in this movie?

WP: The one where I go see him in the bush where he's hiding out. I think that's the first one where I discover that he's been hurt, and it kind of bothers me because that is my grandson.

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PW: Does Elsie know at that point that Teevee has escaped from jail?

WP: Oh yes. The word has gotten out to us already. So this is why I'm going to the cabin--to see him and fix his owwie. [all laugh]

PW: As they say in the medical profession, "Fix his owwie"! [laughs]

WP: Yes, fix his owwie.

PW: So I take it that Elsie is complicit in hiding him?

WP: Um-hum. Oh yeah. That's her first priority is Teevee, all the time, that old lady. 'Cuz she's raised him, eh?

PW: He's not always too grateful about that, though.

WP: Oh, that doesn't matter! She loves him. Doesn't matter what they do, you still love them--even in real life.

PW: So she always goes to Teevee's aid.

WP: Whatever he does, it doesn't matter. She's so proud of him, eh? He's a chief now.

PW: Have you done any other projects between "Dream Storm" and this movie?

WP: No.

PW: Taking it easy?

WP: Taking it easy, sitting back, waiting for the pension to kick in. [all laugh] For April. I just turned 65, so I'm waiting for the pension to kick in now. That's what I've been doing. [laughs]

PW: Wilma, before you leave, would you like to say hi to the fans?

WP: Hello to everybody that watches our show. Thank you very much!

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