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The Show

Are DVDs or videos of the series and movies available?
Unfortunately, no. In February, 2003, Alliance Atlantis announced that they would be releasing DVDs of the first season of the show in November of that year. But in October, 2003, they rescinded that decision.

We have since been urging Nof60 fans to write to Alliance Atlantis to try to get them to change their minds again. However, in January, 2007, CanWest Global and Goldman Sachs announced that they were buying the company. The email address for AA Home Video is no longer working, and any decisions about releasing more of the company's TV library to DVD are surely on hold. Please keep an eye on my Nof60 page and the Nof60 Yahoo Group for updates.

Where was North of 60 filmed?
The show was filmed on a specially constructed site near the town of Bragg Creek, Alberta, which is about 25 miles (45 kilometers) from Calgary. The "Lynx River" set is still being used for the Nof60 TV movies. It has also been used for some other productions, such as the BBC/CBC children's series Shoebox Zoo and the BBC/Discovery children's series Dinosapien.

You can see some photos of the Nof60 set in the Photos section of Patty's Nof60 page. To find out more about Bragg Creek, visit Doug Sephton's Bragg Creek web site.

Why did the series end?
According to North of 60 producer Doug MacLeod, the series folded when the province of Alberta ended tax credits for television and movie production. Most Canadian provinces have such credits to encourage filmmaking. (Source: Vancouver Province, June 14, 1998.) Alberta later restored its credit, which helped Alberta Filmworks finance the Nof60 movies.

You can see more about how the financing situation affected the show in Patty's interview with Nof60 producer Jordy Randall.

What awards has Nof60 been nominated for, and which ones has it won?
The most prestigious television awards in Canada are the Geminis, presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. North of 60's six seasons garnered nearly 50 Gemini nominations and five awards. The followup movies have also received several Gemini nominations. The series and movies have also won awards from the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association, the American Indian Film Festival, and other organizations. Click here for more information, including a complete list of the show's Gemini nominations.

The Cast and Crew

Why did John Oliver leave the show?
Although Alberta Filmworks never said so publicly, the apparent reason for Mr. Oliver's departure was a falling out with Tina Keeper, with whom he had been having an off-screen relationship. According to news reports, Mr. Oliver (whose legal name then was Gerald Bean) was arrested for striking Ms. Keeper during an argument in a hotel room in Winnipeg shortly after their child was born. Mr. Bean denied the assault, and the charge was later stayed after Ms. Keeper chose not to proceed with the complaint. (Sources: Calgary Herald, May 10, June 1, and June 23, 1994; Canadian Press, April 15 and June 23, 1994.)

Why is there a tribute to Mervin Good Eagle at the end of "The Watchers"?
Mr. Good Eagle (who played Joey Small Boat in the series) committed suicide in October of 1996. The memorial at the end of that episode says:

Mervin Good Eagle
April 16, 1977
October 23, 1996

May the Eagle fly with you
and guide you in your
journey with the Creator
You're loved and sadly missed

This tragic event prompted fellow Nof60 actor Tom Jackson to create the Dreamcatcher Tours. On the tours, Mr. Jackson and counselors visit native communities to address the issue of teenage suicide through both entertainment and workshops.

Why is there a tribute to Del Ingram at the end of "The Long Goodbye"?
Mr. Ingram was a driver for the show. The memorial at the end of that episode reads:

Del H. Ingram

That memorial has caused some confusion because it comes at the end of the episode in which the residents of Lynx River say goodbye to the late Corporal Eric Olssen. In fact, it comes right after a closeup of the cross that Leon Deela made for Eric's grave, which also shows a death date of 1994. This juxtaposition has led some viewers to conclude that Del Ingram was John Oliver's real name, and that Mr. Oliver was killed off in the series because he had actually died. We hope the information above about Mr. Oliver's real name and the actual reason for his departure from the series will clear up that confusion!

Why is there a tribute to Matthew Melting Tallow at the end of "Slow Burn"?
Mr. Melting Tallow was a native elder and recurring extra in the series.

Is it true that the girl who played Hannah Kenidi died?
Sadly, yes. In January, 2000, Selina Hanuse was struck and killed by a car while she was crossing a street in Vancouver.

Did Dakota House really lose part of his ear in a fight?
Yes. Mr. House was severely beaten in a hallway of his apartment building in October of 1997. His skull was fractured and part of one ear was torn off. (Sources: Maclean's, Edmonton Sun, and others)

It is true that Dakota House and his brother were arrested for assault?
The House brothers were charged with assault in April, 1999. In December, 1999, Nevada House was found not guilty of the assault charge, and the Crown subsequently withdrew the accompanying charge against Dakota. (Source: Edmonton Sun, April 16 and December 14, 1999)

What are the various Nof60 actors doing now?
The "Hot News" section of Patty's main Nof60 page offers updates on the show's actors as she finds out about them. You may also want to check the Appearances section for listings of their movies and TV shows that are about to air again.

The Cast & Characters section of Patty's Nof60 page has links to fan pages, Internet Movie Database listings, and other web sites that offer information about the actors' activities outside of Nof60.

The Characters

What happened to Willy Tsa Che, Marie Tenia, Peter and Ellen's daughters, etc.?
Producer Tom Cox addressed the issue of the disappearing characters in his 2002 interview with Patty.


Where can I find out more about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
Check out the official RCMP web site for lots of information.

Where can I buy RCMP souvenirs?
Here are a couple of online sources for licensed merchandise:
  • The Mountie Shop, which is operated by the RCMP Foundation. the official licensing arm of the RCMP.
  • The RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan (home of the RCMP training academy).
  • The online stores accept orders from the U.S. as well as Canada. You can also visit the Foundation's shops at RCMP headquarters the Musical Ride Centre, both in Ottawa.

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