2005 Flood

On this page, you'll find information about how the June, 2005 flooding
in the Calgary area affected the Nof60 set.

Below the map, you'll find photos of the flood, plus a couple of reports
I posted to my Nof60 page.

Flood map

Flood photos

Here are some photos taken during the June, 2005 flooding
by Earl Blinkhorn, a former security person on the Nof60 set.

Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

All photos are copyright (c) 2005 Earl Blinkhorn. Please do not
use them on other web sites or for any other purpose without
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You know what the river normally looks like on Nof60. Look at it now!

Here's another shot of the river.

That's the back of the church at the far left, and Elsie's house at the back right. You can see the usual part of the river way in the back, behind the big rock and the trees.

At the left, you can see the RCMP detachment. It had water all around it, but was up high enough to not be affected.

The riverbank behind Daniel Deela's cabin was severely eroded.

The floodwaters got quite high in the motel.

This is the little food storage building at the end of the main street, on the river side of the RCMP detachment.

Here's a view of the foodhouse from the other direction.

Michelle's house is visible through the trees. At the left edge of the photo is the porch of Peter's house.

Flood reports

June 9 a.m. - Those of you in Canada (and those in the U.S. who get Canadian TV) are probably aware that a number of rivers in southern Alberta have been flooding in the past few days. That includes the Elbow River that, before it gets to downtown Calgary, flows right past the Nof60 set. On the show, of course, it's know as the Lynx River.

The current situation is that the river broke its banks and a new channel is flowing past Rosie & Leon's house and the Health Centre. The former is raised up a bit and may not have much water damage (although it's too early to tell what effect the water is having on the foundation). The Health Centre reportedly does have water going through it. Water has also flowed through the motel.

Some folks have been taking photos, so I hope to have those soon to help illustrate which areas are and are not affected. The rivers in the Calgary area have receded somewhat now, although the recent storm deposited a few feet of fresh snow that could melt quickly and cause more flooding if the weather warms up too much. Please keep everyone in the affected area in your thoughts.

June 12 - If you're planning a visit to the Calgary area this summer and are thinking of visiting the Nof60 set, please read this update. I just got off the phone with the security folks there, and here's the latest:

* It's still raining in Calgary. ;-( The low-pressure area seems to have stalled and is sitting there dumping more and more water. However, I don't see any forecasts for more snow in the mountains, so hopefully the rain isn't melting a lot of snow to overwhelm the rivers again.

* The Nof60 set still has water running through it in new places. Whether those channels will remain or will dry up when the river gets lower is yet to be seen. Water has definitely gotten into the motel and the health centre.

* The lower (river area) part of the site is very muddy, and the banks of the river are compromised from a lot of undercutting by the water.

* The head carpenter for the show is coming out to the set soon to evaluate the situation and determine what needs to be done to the affected buildings.

So if you're in the Calgary area and can visit the set pretty much any time, this isn't the time to do it. But if you've got a special trip planned to the Calgary area, feel free to go ahead and visit, but please don't go near the river because of the unstable banks, be especially cautious walking around areas affected by the flooding, stay out of any areas that are marked off-limits, and understand that crewmembers may not have time to chat because they're busy repairing damaged buildings and infrastructure.

As always, you can get general information about visiting the set (including the phone number to call in advance of your visit) in my Nof60 FAQ.

June 20 - Here's an update on the flood situation on the Nof60 set. This weekend's flooding has done considerably more damage around the set. It's too early to tell whether any building foundations have been undercut or how much it will cost to repair the interiors of ones that floodwater has run through. Although no one will be able to see exactly what has happened until the water recedes, both Rosie and Leon's house and the Jihke shack are now right on the edge of the water. One of the site security folks estimates that the Jihke place used to be about 50-60' away from the river, so that gives you an idea of how destructive the flooding has been.

Water is still flowing through several parts of the town, including on the river side of the RCMP detachment. The Health Centre is completely surrounded by water. There's even some standing water in areas not near the river. That's apparently because the water table has risen in the whole area, so the ground can't absorb any more rain.

I'm still hoping to get some photos, but for now, I hope the above information helps everyone visualize what's going on.

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