"North of 60" Quiz #3

Red Serge


1. Where do Mounties go for training before getting their first posting? (1 point)

2. Where is the RCMP's headquarters for the Northwest Territories? (1 point)

3. On what occasion is Eric seen wearing the full red serge Mountie uniform? (1 point)

4. Which non-RCMP Lynx River resident do we see wearing a red Mountie tunic? (1 point)

5. Name all four of Michelle's partners who either appear or are mentioned on the show. (4 points)

6. What were Eric's RCMP duties before he came to Lynx River, and where was he posted? (2 points)

7. Whom does Michelle fatally shoot in the line of duty? (1 point)

8. Why does Brian Fletcher first come to Lynx River? (1 point)

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(c) 2000 Helena Katz and Patricia F. Winter
Last updated 7/25/2000