"North of 60" Quiz #2

Love and Betrayal


1. Name the three couples who walked down the aisle during the show. (3 points)

2. Who are the four Lynx River women who give birth on the show? (4 points)

3. Who videotapes Sarah and Eric together? (1 point)

4. Name the four men of Lynx River who cheated on their wives during the course of the show. (4 points)

5. Name all of Sarah's lovers on the show (5 points)

6. Who phones Yellowknife claiming that Eric and Michelle are having an affair? (1 point)

7. Michelle has four lovers throughout the show. Who are they? (4 points)

8. Which Mountie stationed in Lynx River is never shown with a lover? (1 point)

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(c) 2000 Helena Katz and Patricia F. Winter
Last updated 6/30/2000