Happy 20th Anniversary, "North of 60"!

On Thursday, December 3, 1992, a new dramatic series premiered on CBC. Atypically, it didn't take place in Toronto or Vancouver, but rather in a small Native community in the Northwest Territories. Even more uncommonly, most of its cast members were from Canada's First Nations.

Despite the show's unusual setting and mostly unknown cast, it didn't take long for viewers across Canada to realize that good storytelling transcends all superficial human differences. "North of 60" became a huge hit for CBC, with stories told of small Northern towns nearly closing down on Thursday evenings because everyone was home watching the show. Eventually, the series aired in more than 100 countries around the world.

In recognition of this milestone in Canadian television history, I'm pleased to offer Nof60 fans these recollections from the people who brought the show alive, both in front of and behind the cameras. My thanks to my fellow moderators of the Nof60 Yahoo Group for their help with developing the questions and tracking down the people we wanted to answer them.

Happy anniversary, "North of 60"!

Patty Winter
December 1, 2012

Reminiscences--Part 1

Robert Bockstael

Michael Horse

Tracey Cook

Reminiscences--Part 2

Tom Cox

Timothy Webber

Barbara Samuels

Reminiscences--Part 3

Lubomir Mykytiuk

Julie Stewart

Peter Lauterman

Reminiscences--Part 4

Wayne Grigsby

Truman Hoszouski

Sharon Fogarty

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